Footers are becoming an essential part of a blog design and rightfully so. Up until the last year or two, they have been a useless space which hardly anyone paid attention to. Now they are becoming an essential strategy to engage visitors in all sorts of creative ways. has put together a nice list of 50 Excellent Blog Footer Designs which will give you some great ideas on how to style your existing footer. I personally enjoy scrolling down to the bottom of sites I visit just to see the type of footer they use. The current eBlog Templates footer layout was influenced from several different sites with a goal of providing our visitors quick popular information across all pages and a chance to see your own myBlogLog picture on our site!

If you want to read a good footer breakdown post on what they are good for, check out Smashing Magazine’s post.

My favorite ones include a clever design with 3-4 columns of functional information like these for example.




Did you also know footers are a great place for SEO link building? You’ll find credits or other text links pointing back to sites with keyword phrases in the link anchor. That helps you rank higher in Google.

So what kind of blog footers do you like? Include some links so we can all check them out!

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